Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hispanic Performer Q

The growing presence of Hispanics in the U.S. has created a heightened need to effectively target this fastest growing segment of the American population. Marketers and advertisers seeking out these important consumers will need to have a thorough understanding of how to motivate them and connect to them on an emotional level. Using Latino performers that relate to both U.S. born and non-U.S. born Hispanics is an important way to create these emotional bonds between the Hispanic consumer and the advertised brand. Tracking the appeal of all types of Latino personalities has become a top priority at the Q Scores Company. Our recently completed Hispanic Performer Q pilot study was a huge success. This client-supported study produced much needed data in this area, in order to better understand the personality appeal among various key segments of the Hispanic population. We have implemented a proven address-based methodology that appropriately represents all segments of the American Hispanic population with respect to the dominant language spoken in the home (Spanish, English or bi-lingual), country of familial origin and place of birth.

We are currently developing our plans to move forward and implement the first nationally syndicated Hispanic Performer Q. With an expected launch date coming up in mid-July 2009, we are excited about the ground-breaking impact we will be making in the Hispanic marketplace. We will be measuring the appeal of 400 Latino performers, with each performer evaluated by 500 respondents between the ages of 16 and 54. Advertising agencies, media buyers, talent agents, television networks and production companies will now have the ability to pinpoint the appeal of Latino performers among a nationally representative sample of Hispanic consumers.

Compared to the average American, our research has shown that Hispanics are much more intense and emotional about their favorite performers. Using Latino talent as advertising spokespeople can help marketers reach their consumer targets with highly attentive and effective techniques. Hispanic Performer Q will help our clients choose the right talent to appeal to the intended consumer target. Up-front clients can include key marketing questions that can be cross-referenced with personality appeal and, thereby, increase the knowledge about the compatibility between the performer and key demographic segments.

You can read more about the value of Hispanic Performer Q in our press release: