Monday, January 7, 2013

Q Scores Study for Non-Profits

by Steven Levitt, President and Henry Schafer, Executive Vice President

If you are the person involved in any of the charitable programs for your organization, this is a unique opportunity to evaluate a charity's marketplace position and better understand the effectiveness of its fundraising efforts.  If you are not involved in your organization's charitable efforts, please forward this link to the appropriate person in your company.

As you move forward with your fundraising and marketing programs, we invite you to be part of a “brand” study dedicated to measuring how consumers perceive and express their support of specific cause marketing organizations.

As the industry leader in evaluating consumer appeal of brands, we have been encouraged to begin such research in this field.  We will provide answers from the marketplace such as:

  • How strong is the emotional attachment (connection) between the cause marketing brand and the consumers who make contribution decisions?
  • Is the brand getting its fair "share-of-mind" and "attention" which leads to "share-of-dollars?"
  • How well regarded is the brand and by whom?
  • Is the brand image reinforcing a desire to support it?

This planned nationally syndicated study will focus only on charitable organizations like those shown on the sample questionnaire below.  This is a unique opportunity to evaluate the marketplace position of these brands, which may help to maximize the effectiveness of your organization's involvement in various fundraising and marketing programs.

Here are the details about this upcoming study:

  • Will cover up to 60 non-profit organizations
  • Total results will be provided to all subscribers
  • Based on surveys with a national sample of 2,000 adults
  • Sign up by February 4, 2013
  • Study to begin February 18, 2013
  • Results available by March 29, 2013                          

Please contact us to discuss this study in more detail and see how it could benefit your organization.  Call us at 516-365-7979 or by email:,

Here's an example of the questionnaire and the areas of measurement that will be covered: