Monday, April 13, 2009

Emotional Bonding Q

Today's new technologies have created a new kind of television viewer, who is no longer strapped to the scheduling whims of the networks. With the growing use of DVRs and various forms of mobile platforms (iPhones, BlackBerry’s, Sling Box, Hulu, and even the network’s own web sites), we have become our own programmers – watching shows when it’s convenient for us! We are more intimately involved with technology than ever before and, as a result, we are more apt to play out our emotions via the media we use today.

We are developing emotional bonds with programs and personalities via these technologies, unlike what the industry has ever seen before. The need to track these emotional bonds has become far more important than counting the number of viewers/users to determine the true viewer satisfaction, real advertiser value/impact and the future viewing commitment to programs and networks.

We, at the Q Scores Company, are very much focused on this evolution of the television viewer and have created new scores to reflect the importance of emotional bonding. Our recently introduced Emotional Bonding Q is a three-dimensional measure of the viewing experience: likeability, viewing frequency and devotion to continued viewing, all wrapped up into one score that’s easy to understand and interpret. You can read more about this important and relevant new approach in a number of our press releases linked to this blog.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to our Q Scores Blog!

For over 40 years, Q Scores have been the industry standard for measuring consumer appeal. Henry Schafer, Executive Vice President of Marketing Evaluations, Inc., The Q Scores Company, will be offering important information on Q Scores right here on this blog; how Q Scores are used, why they are relevant, how they add value, what studies are coming up, sharing some noteworthy results, and much more. Make sure to bookmark this site and check back weekly for new information.