Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tim Tebow Recognition Now At 83%

by Steven Levitt

In the just released 2012 Sports Q Study of 600+ sports personalities, Tim Tebow's recognition reached over 80% among all sports fans.

This remarkable level of visibility puts him in the company of such well known sports personalities as:

  • LeBron James (84%)
  • Jeff Gordon (84%)
  • Michael Vick (83%)
  • TIM TEBOW (83%)
  • Terry Bradshaw (82%)
  • Reggie Bush (82%)
  • John Madden (81%)
  • Andre Agassi (81%)
  • David Beckham (81%)

Just one year ago today, Tebow's recognition was at 62%, revealing the impressive growth in his awareness among sports fans across America!

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