Wednesday, April 24, 2013

International Q Scores: Your Global Connection for Multi-Country Objectives

Here's your opportunity to measure celebrity awareness and appeal around the world with custom designed studies to fit your specific objectives 

Tap into the opinions of millions of authentic international consumers to measure the strength of the emotional connection between your target demographics and specific celebrities (global or local) in over 50 countries

Studies will be conducted with an online consumer panel that reaches over 8 million consumers on four continents.  Q Scores is your global connection for multi-country research.  

  • Nationally representative samples in each country
  • Targeted demographics
  • All interviewing conducted online with appropriate language translations
  • 10-14 day turnaround from start of fieldwork to delivery of results
  • Executive overview of the key findings

Similar studies can be conducted on the awareness and appeal of characters, licensed properties, television programs and brands.  In addition, Spokesperson Evaluation studies which connect potential spokespeople to a brand are also available.

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