Monday, November 29, 2010

Can a Brand Achieve High Consumer Approval Without Heavily Advertising on TV?

We believe so and here’s why...

by Steve Levitt

In a recent Q Scores Brand Study targeted to adults*, a “quiet” electronics brand emerged at the top of the heap among a cross section of 175 brands.

Does the name Bose ring a bell?

On the crucial dimension of brand user satisfaction, we found Bose satisfying more than three-quarters (77%) of those consumers who used or bought the brand in the past twelve months, giving it the #1 position! Other brands rating high on user satisfaction Brand Q Scores include: Callaway Golf, Thomas Kinkade, Stihl, Wii, Lawn Boy, M&M’s, Swiss Army, Scrabble and Weber.

Supporting its user satisfaction achievement is Bose’s #1 rating on “High Quality” and “Leader In Their Field”. Bose has carved out an enviable position in the minds and hearts of the U.S. consumer. And, it has done this without major television exposure. Not bad Bose! Not bad at all.

*Q Scores Brand Studies are conducted every Spring and Fall for brand updates and tracking purposes. We provide similar insights for younger consumers in our Brand Q studies targeted to kids and teens, which will be the focus of our next blog about brands.

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