Monday, November 15, 2010

Viewers Speak Louder Than Ratings

by Henry Schafer

In a world where TV viewers are in control (thanks to all of the digital and internet devices available to humankind), listening to what viewers have to say is more critical now than ever before. Creatives, programmers, marketers, salespeople—listen up! Find ways to regularly monitor your viewers, as what they have to say will make or break the success of your programs. Internet “buzz” travels fast and furiously, hence, the importance of quantifying and determining its impact on continued program viewership. Make sure you’re set up to monitor all of this via high quality and respected tracking studies...or, you’ll be sorry!

We all like to believe that our instincts and professional judgment is what we get paid for, but isn’t being open-minded and listening to our customers’ reactions part of that assessment? Having studied these viewer/programming dynamics for nearly 35 years, I have witnessed the audience effect (or not) of every technological advancement. Whether you like it or not, and regardless of existing business commitments, viewers speak louder than ratings and listening to that feedback will make you smarter for the decisions ahead. Let me know what you think.

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